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TT Mustang vs. TT Supra
previous video  |  next video  | 46,902 Views  | 228 Comments
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TT Mustang vs. TT Supra
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3/28/2005 3:02:00 PM
1st yeah!!! have it

3/31/2005 2:42:00 AM
not 100% sure that Mustang was Turbo'ed

4/10/2005 12:32:00 AM
ya i doubt that mustang was turbo charged. its still a sweet video

4/10/2005 2:59:00 PM
mustangs are gay

Dum azz above me
4/24/2005 9:57:00 AM
Lol supras come stock turbo u dumby, any turboed car 4-banger could eat a mustang alive.

4/27/2005 3:59:00 AM
The turbocharged Supra motor is a 2JZ-GTE, which is an inline-6, not a 4 cylinder (4 banger).

5/2/2005 11:27:00 AM
the 2JZ-GTE is a twin-turbocharged stupid

5/3/2005 6:51:00 PM
"Any turboed car 4-banger" What if you get the Mustang turboed as well? It's quite funny that people keep up those convos. A turboed civic will eat a Mustang, but surely not a turboed Mustang O_o Just like a turboed Mustang won't eat a turboed Viper O_O

yer all gay
5/23/2005 12:08:00 PM
all cars suck ass, get a horse

5/24/2005 11:47:00 PM
Bitchstangs sux balls!

this guy
5/31/2005 2:22:00 AM
when my 5.0 was near stock i ate turbo hondas.. u import guys cant friggen drive

imports are gay
6/24/2005 8:29:00 AM
imports suck mutangs and all muscle cars are great imports are gay

reall smart
6/24/2005 4:03:00 PM
dont you mean mustangs dumbass foo

sum1 unimportant
6/24/2005 5:33:00 PM
Imports kill all american muscle cars. Imports are considered all cars outside of the US. EX-Ferrari and the japanese imports.

7/11/2005 12:52:00 PM
thats nothin my car has nos in it and its a bmw m5 got it

Grow Up
7/25/2005 1:02:00 PM
Mustangs suck huge donkey balls and from the sound of the engine it was not stock, who cares about the fact it won that race? Not all Supras are turbo from the factory any how? How do you lot know if it was a twin turbo or sytandard RZ S 3000cc non turbo and that the snorting whine wasn't coming from a suck on my balls modded Mucas-tang?

7/30/2005 8:21:00 PM
Just have to say this muscle cars are gay imports rock what in the hell are talking about Supra,M3Bmw,Saab s.p.g. and 900 T Rock and they last for a long time with me turbo is the only way to go I hate when people have no clue what they are talking about its sad.Imports are the way to go!!!!!!

8/3/2005 11:54:00 PM

8/9/2005 4:59:00 PM
thats funny ricers I have a 306, f cam, 430 gears and long tubes and beat a TT supra by 6 cars

8/18/2005 6:03:00 PM
Imports such as Porsche and Mercedes are better but a Mustang can smoke any Ricer. F**K RICERS !!!

8/18/2005 6:07:00 PM
Ricers are in a separate catagory from European Imports.

8/25/2005 1:02:00 PM
in the mid 80's ford svo made a turbo 4 banger mustang. it would smoke any four cylinder of its time. most 6's as well. including the supras. hell even Iaccio's glhsm omni could not keep up. Any way you cut it F- bodys are better.

8/28/2005 2:04:00 PM
Mustangs are gay. Ask me about them sometime, I'll explain all the details.

9/2/2005 1:45:00 PM
Phuhh-Q, Why are mustangs gay? explain

Mustags Kick ass
9/4/2005 3:45:00 PM
All I got to say is that F--k All Imports. Musclecars kick Import ass!!!!!

Supra Lee
9/12/2005 4:17:00 PM
Man the mustang feud still spews on. Mustang owners have there heads so far up their asses they can't tell the difference between a "Ricer" and a True Japanese sports car. Now keep in mind that not all supras or any car for that manner are created equally. So someone posting they beat a Supra one day in their heavy Mustang could lose the next to a Single turbo supra just Cuase it is twin turbo doesn't make it better or just becuase it says twin turbo doesn't mean it is. reminds if the time i saw a bretta that had a Vtec badge lol. ITs all in the money you have to spend on the mods.

Ben Dippeninyurstash
9/14/2005 9:09:00 PM
1991 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX AWD This is my monster. Stock Mustangs beware! My next victim is Corvette ZO6

9/16/2005 5:33:00 PM
You people are retarded on this website. Your comments are a waste of space. The supra has a single T88 turbo running 30 psi on race gas, the mustang is running twin 57 turbos @ 14 psi on 93 pump gas. FYI the supra made 891rwhp @ 30 psi on race gas (c16). The mustang made 1011rwhp @ 30 psi on c16, and 744rwhp on 93 octane.

9/26/2005 9:25:00 AM
Mustangs are bad i have a turbo 4 banger and i can beat any import thats turbo.

v8 Stang
9/26/2005 9:29:00 AM
it be better if u were a V8 manny but its cool.

9/26/2005 8:14:00 PM
What you have to understand is that a turbo'd 5.0L mustang, (thats 8 cylinders for you auto-challenged readers) could possibly beat a turbo'd 3.0L Supra(6 cylinders). However, most serious mechanics with Twin Turbo Supras convert them to a larger, single turbo, and spend countless hours tuning the engine. This can produce up to 1000 rwhp! On the other hand, so can twin tubro'd mustangs. It all depends on how you tune your car, and more importantly, how your drive it. People with no knowledge of automotive technology will say stuff like "Mustangs rule!" or "Supras will kick anythings ass!" but in reality, they've never tunred a wrench or actually learned anything about cars other than putting an exhaust tip on. You CANNOT compare sotck cars when you watch these videos!

9/27/2005 1:37:00 AM
Little bitches drive camaros and poostangs. and they all say they run 9s. LMAO

9/27/2005 5:43:00 PM
yall give it up ricers well never understand that u cant take a little 2.5l or whatever and make it fast as a 5.0L u know y cause 5.0L HAVE MORE CUBIC INCHES DUMDASS RICERS

9/29/2005 12:37:00 AM
do you have an lt4 camaro with the 350cid? or did you stroke it. I have a 97 z 396 cid with afr heads, custom cam. I can't drive it on the street since I live in California and I can get pull over because of the sound

your all idiots
9/29/2005 8:46:00 PM
if mustangs suck balls, why can they run 12's on a stock motor before going to forced induction? take your turbo know what to do with it.

okay, lets se, i own a 97 mustang, a 97 mistusbishi galant es, and a 99 nissan skyline. out of all of them, only the mustang can pop a wheelie, but the skyline has the best 1/4 mile time. Muscle cars are big on torque, imports are big on speed and handling. i dont see how you could even compare a mustang to a supra, thier 2 totally different classes. one tears cement, the other tears ass. so you own a fast car, SHUT UP AND RACE IT FOOLS

could that be because its RWD spykus.. lol of course an import cant its a damn FWD 90% of the time. None of yall can even consider that a stock ricer 4 or 6 cylinder can gun down a stock 302 5.0L. 0-55 will most likely go to the ricers cause of fwd but the long run goes to the muscle. example.. a 4 cylinder svo beats out 5.0 0-55.. notice i used a mustang vs mustang reference... maybe cause stangs are street classics. ricers have no history.

lol ass kicker if a fox body mustang dropped in your lap you'd prolly jizz your pants. keep puttin octane boost in your sentra thinking you got something.

by the way.. my bottle of mountain dew is 2 liters... whats under your hood again?

first off imports suck to being with. Its all about pure american muscle. Mustangs, comaros, and corvettes always kick ass, if any one can drive one the right way and soupe it up properly they can blow away any weak ass import.

top fuel drag all out v8 vs i6 record 1/4 mile times v8 gets 4.420 i6 gets 7.84 the cards dont lie mon

stupid ppl
both cars are nice who cares the TT supra won if the STANG was actually tt it would walk on da SOUP

V8 Boi
Did anyone watch the V8's vs Tuners drags??????? v8's shat on the tuners... the fastest v8 time is 2 seconds faster than the fastest rotary time so stick it up your ass you gay lil rice cookers

4.6 V8
Its time for everyone to grow up and realize that you can make any car fast with enough money whether a muscle car or a import. If you are looking to get your horsepower from RPM's then get yourself an import and turbo it up, if you are into raw V8 power and lots of torque build yourself up a V8. Both have benefits, V8's sound much better, thats fact, not opinion! other than that to each their own.. But I must say V8 power all the way!

who win?

doubt it
was that mustang really TT?

I can't believe some of these comments... "The supra has a single T88 turbo running 30 psi on race gas, the mustang is running twin 57 turbos @ 14 psi on 93 pump gas. FYI the supra made 891rwhp @ 30 psi on race gas (c16). The mustang made 1011rwhp @ 30 psi on c16, and 744rwhp on 93 octane." Doesn't this tell you idiots anything or are you just going to keep posting "Imports FTW, Mustangs are Teh Gayness WOOT!" Go read your improperly informed magazines and stfu and don't waste space with your lack of automotive knowledge. K THX

Mr. Boy
My 03 Cobra got beat by a highly tuned Supra when it was bone stock. After putting on a Kenne Bell supercharger and some other reasonably priced crap, I haven't lost to anything since. 735 rwhp shuts em all up.

Supra owner n lover
Hi all and stop fighting. as some here said that u cant sompare cars by just watching a video lol and think that he or even they are right. Me as a 7.0 litre supra owner i think that with my car i can beat any v8 engine cos my car has a v8 engine it self lol. It costed me around 16 thousand poounds to swap engines and add more power to this car. But my car is not an mk4 supra it is an mk3 supra and i think that there is no diffrent between them lolol. my car pumps around 600HP which can beat most ferraris as i hav already did. Thanks bye

Ya V8 Can Be This Top 90 Supra 1500 Hp With 2 Nos And Fastest Tuner From Jdm Pro Wrx Sti Turbocharge With 2 Nosya V8 Shut Up 2 F Heavy

import rule
mustang suck including all american muslce car. ahhahaha hahahahah ha

who is the real ricer
white peoples are ricer because they are the only one that said sticker giver you hp. if you don't belive me then go to other car forum and see who is said sticker do give your car hp.



Hmm appearently noone knows anything about cars.. that mustang was not TT in fact it was a bone stock 5.0 possibly a few bolt-ons a TT MUSTANG will guarentee over 400-900HP with around the same TQ so in honestly a TT MUSTANG WOULD OWN ANY SUPRA dont belive me look up the statistics also mustang was in 4th gear at around 75-80 shoulda been still in 3rd at 3300RPM

imports suck. all show no go.there slow

This muscle car imports BS* has got to stop its boring already. You people need to understand that where wheather or not you have a classic V8 or you have a tricked out Import we all are doing the same things with just different applications

I will always be an Import enthusiast becasue I think its pretty kick as* to have an Inline4 banger engine give mad competition to larger bigger discplaced V8's.

But even though I have absolutely burned the sh*t out of my fair share or stangs, LS1'S, HEMMI'S etc. I have also had my ass handed to me in my mouth by the same types of cars. Which means you can tune a car to go as fast as you want it to go

If you have enough dough and want it bad enough. I wanted a 12sec civic and I built one. It actually came out to be an 11sec civic which is even better. Long story short build your engines race your fu**kn cars

And if you get your ass handed to you then you better payup. I love to race stangs because they always think that my little ricer is go to go PUTT PUTT then there out. But not this bad boy im in it for the long haul baby.

stang banger
It's not much of a street car but then again racing isn't for the street. I have a 91 notchback mustang with a 427 inch small block FORD and twin 20lbs boost turbos with a powerglide trans. It runs 7.50 in the quarter on 10.5 inch slicks. It makes around 1400 rwhp. So come on imports, oh thats right they don't let ricers in the NMRA!

427 SB stang
I'm naturally aspirated with a 82 mustang and eat all ricers any day of the week. I like to refer to the "Fast and Furious" craze as the "Slow and the Curious"

please stop!!
to all you idiots on this site. first of all its how much goddayum money you put into your car. its not about what freakin car you have. you can have a 1500hp supra if you have the resources and you can have a 1500hp mustang if you have the resources. just add a dart 302 block to that mustang and pump up the boost and it will eat anything alive. as far as supras go they are just amazing cars. my respect to all the tuned supras out there. it has to be the best engineered car ever built no questions asked. no matter how many donkey excuses you can come up with the supra is the best there is, was and ever will be.

If you got a lot of money then you can get a lot of HP I only spent 3k on my 94 stang w/o supercharger or turbo and runs 11s do dat with a tuner, american muscle V8 all the way. Total I spent on the car $7000.00

(Above) the $7000.00 was including the car.

Why are you people arguing?..anyone posting on here probably has no idea what theyre talking about some guy saying the mustang lost cause it wasnt tt..well if he knew anything he would know that single turbos can actually be better..alot of the tt supra/300zx owners switch to a single turbo and make way more hp.

i don't want to be an ass but i had a 94 z28 6spd stock and i beat this hondas,acuras etc like nothing but the only car that i never raced was a supra because where i live thre were none but that's a car that i do respect because i've seen them run and also the rx-7 but this hondas,eclipses etc they need to much money spent on them to even compare to a muscle car

everyone on this page is forgettin 1 detail...weight. any mustangs weighs so much more than any tuner..and will F* it up with teh rite work. any car wil go fast, ive seen yugo runin 9s, its all about money. But ill take a mustang ova any ricer any day. Rice is for eatin not racin.

oh yea.. i forgot that my 66 blown 302 will take any or not. Its orginal power, all of u forget mustangs are the original pony car, and every1 else is jus tryin to keep up

don king
yeah p71 rules

i also have a 82 stang modified. 302 Ho dual exhaust, 351 windzor heads, 600 cfm edel brock carb/intake performer rpm series/shorty headers/smog and all emissions removed/ and a magnum cam/ not roller cam. stock manual 4 spd. it was 157 hp stock, i would say now around 300 -350 and i beat eclipes no problem, a lot of corvettes as well. never tried against a supra. gonna pull the engine maybe and put in a 351 windzor engine, i like it better. or maybe ill just put in a stroker kit for the 302 i dont know. i really need to super charge the thing to really own the pavement. peace

American Muscle
i own a 70 challenger T/A with a 440 6 barrel in it and puts out 392bhp. with it i beat a 95 supra TT 91 mustang SC S2000TT and i lost to a 2005 C6 (lol i dont know why i tried to race i was smoked on) EVO VII TT and a 89 skyline the only tuners i like would be the BMW M3s, EVOs, Skylines, but muscle all the way

lil american tuners dude
yea well my Super charged chevy cobalt beat ur chalenger anyday cuz i have nitrous and a brand new tail pipe and new shiny rims and it all came up too $1120 in total. but yea my cobalt can smoke ur lil chalenger and the supras and evolutions u guys were talking about chevy cobalt all the way

goat racer
that stang was stock as my grand mothers buick and that supra was as slow as an import can go those guys in the stang looked liked they let that guy win in the supra feeling sorry as he was saving gas and going nowere in that oo so fast ricecar

I have to agree I've seen faster supars for sure. its all about money if you have the funds you can make a Geo quick lol. But dollar for dollar a Fox body Mustang will be faster. Cant really speak for the over head cam guys.

Gay, Gayer, Gayest

one fast accord
my turbo accord h22 would have beat that mustang b-cuz mustangs suck!!imports tha way to go!!

gay boy

too many haters. true car enthusiasts appreciate all cars. and for the record, the USA's fastest street legal car is a twin turbo supra. owner is ryan woon of nevada and ran a 6.9 second 1/4 mile. raping the twin turbo henessey viper's 1.4 mile record of 7.1 seconds. do your homework kids.

ive had em both. i have an eclipse and my new car, a mustang gt. there is no comparison, my mustang gets sideways at 65mph. although, you can make an import fast. no matter how much money you have, you can never ever make a 4 cylinder push enough power to beat an equally built v8. thats why in drag racing you will never see a 4 cyl. i respect people who have a real built up 4 cyl but 4get u ppl who put a rattle can on ur car. ill eat u alive w/ my stang.

2 fast
any super charged mustang will eat a tt supra

gt-47 mustang
I agree with mechanix, itdoesn't mater what you have if it hase 500+ whp it is fast no mater what body or engine is in it. Take it from a real car guy; had a turbo supra , now building A 88mm turbo stang no B.S The Supra is not and will never be A "RICER CAR". what other car can you build 700hp with a stock bottom end in the motor not a 5.0 mustang.

Mustangs in general
I work for a mustang place on the east coast. If there's 20 people who do sales 3 of them have mustangs. The parking lot is filled with STi's,300ZX TT, 350Z's, One supra, two cobalts, and a couple Camaro's. Actually the fastest car there is a that should say something for the Mustang. But to each it's own.

This is crazy. Like someone else said, True car enthusiasts respect all cars. Obviously people have preferences....I own a supercharged cobra and role around with a few of my boys that have imports. F***kin shut up and race. Also half the people posting dont have what they say so you arguing for nothing. BTW a TT supra can beat most supercharged stangs unless your runnin real high boost. Those cars are no joke. Im a diehard mustang fan and I would safely say maybe one of you really has one.

has a supra by the way

troy 27
i have a cobra that ate a supra in 20 mile roll out to tell u the truth no supra i see can kill a cobra in low gear the supercharger is nasty

supra owner 94
its all about the money, i know nothing about engines. when i drive my supra, People are scared to race me because of the SUPRAs reputation, unless i showem whats under da hood. put ur money up u weak mustang owners.

04 Mustang (Terminator's)(Their called like that from factory for a reason) Are so easily moded to KILL ANYTHING!!! ANYTHING!! Supra? pffft... Theres LOTS of imports as domestic car's killing each other.. I would rather have the sound of a v8 thought...

quit the schiite
I own a 94 ttsupra and a 1987 Merkur Xr4ti Cosworth.The xr4 has the same engine as the ford SVO mustang and my Xr4ti runs 10.32@147 in the 1/4.The supra doesnt even come close.For the record,a Merkur owned by Esslinger Racing holds the world 2.5 litre and below record at Bonneville @242.7 mph with a completely bone stock interior and chassis.Merkurs are made by FORD:)

For the record imports are much cheaper to modify then american muscle. Pound for pound you get way more power out of inline 4banger then you do out of a v8. Anyone of you that know anything about engines and displacement and liters should know that. But then again I bet 75% of you in this forum are only wishing and dreaming of what they talk about. Plus I bet you v8 lovers are hating life right about now with the cost of gas.Fully built and boosted I still manage to get 25mph in city and 32 highway. What are you guys geting? Hey its your money spend it wisely.

dang....i repect mustangs they are great cars if they are tune right...i also own myself an 97 supra pretty kool...but one thing about the tt...its f**ken stock tt you cant do much to it...and mustang best suit supercharge seen it love it....but rather own a supra cuzz love that stock trany holding up to 1000+ w/o upgrading tranny

S2000 dreamer
It comes down to the cars mechanics and the skill of the driver pretty much. I raced a brand new porshe boxer and BEAT IT!! u know what i was racing? A 92 honda prelude without v-Tec (added later) and 4 other ppl in teh car!! SOme ppl just dont know how to race

so.... since were dealing with ignorant muscle bitches, let me say that a 20b t88 90 rx7 will put u all to shame with around 2 liters of engine. if you feel offended go look it up. 650 hp on low boost, tens in the quarter, scratchin thru 3 or 4 gears, etc....

Pushing 26lbs of of boost now and people are hating me in the Albuquerque 505 area. Its drag season and opening day and I was running 11.2s all day. It was 80 degrees outside and at 6000 feet above sea level. All I have to say is DAMN!!!

If I was in Cali I would definitely be in the low 10s and maybe even high 9s. I was tearing up American muscle all day long. 2007 GT500 couldnt hang if his life depended on it.

Although I did get my ass handed to me by a fully built supercharged Z28 with 100 shot of spray and a single turbo 97 62mm supra that ran 8s. The Z was running 10s.

JDM B18C5 IT-R, Fully built top and bottom end(built for 750hp),Helical LSD to keep me grounded, 56mm GT turbine good for 400 ponies at 28 psi.Tenzo GF7s rapped in BF GFORCE.Anyone wanna roll?

You all are idiots. Real idiots. First of all, most of you need to spell and it all deends on what has been done to the car, not what kind of car you have. Any sports car can be made fast, you just have to know what you're doin. snoochie noochie Brodie noochies :)

mustang all the way
has any one heard of a inline 6 mustang single turbo thats what im building right now mow full effeicent and quick only problem no torqe until 2nd gear 81 hatch back by the way

muscle in the blood...
ok believe it or not but i originally had a 90 supra stock turbo, and when it was time to rebuild the engine i looked all over to see my best potential... honestly last i checked... 9 sec. was the best for this RWD import. but bills stacked up so i had to sell the car. later on my grandfather gave me a 84 5.0 of course the engine had some wear and tear so i wanted to rebuild it so again i looked around mags. and internet sites etc... 6sec's. i havent found another car to do beater, that is with the exception of them "funny cars"

muscle in the blood
now dont get me wrong i dont haver a 6sec. mustang and my old supra was no 9sec car, but the way i see it is a car was originally mech. and now its becoming more elect. to beef up a an import i see alot of wires and what not, but for these old muscle cars... a nice bore and a few other mods... but now with toyotas new V8 who knows what a supra can do these days? i havent seen it converted yet but all in due time...

muscle in the blood
oh and for the AWD Turbo'd eclipse... the fastest i have ever seen was 8 sec.. i think? now again i did say "ever seen" therefore if it can be faster... than its too expensive to do it... i have alitte hate for them cars cuz i had one before, and tanny problems every effin tim i turn around

I have an 83 mustang with a stock 5.0 and I have only lost once, and it was to a WS6. All tuners can kiss my A**!!!!

My 82 244 turbo volvo eats those import tuners and its stock

91 LX 5.0
If your turbo tuner stops out at 120 mph I'll just eat you in the long run its not a big deal. Plus you'll chicken out because all those flashy ground effects you have just draw cop attention.

























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